Overhaul at Tengiz

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On August 1, the Overhaul-2019 will begin at the Tengiz oil and gas complex. This is an annual, very responsible program for the prevention of the technical condition and modernization of technological lines and support systems. TCO carries out overhauls without stopping the main production, cutting off only the segments planned for repairs from the continuous operating cycle – this is a distinctive feature, but this is also a special exactingness and scrupulousness to the planning and preparation processes. The work this year will last almost a month and a half and will end on September 10. A year ago, Ariadne gained serious experience in participating in scheduled repairs at the TCO plant. We carried out the most complex volume at six technological installations, received certification in argon arc welding and for the first time carried out a number of new works for our company. Ariadna has successfully coped with its tasks, having established itself and confirmed its reputation as a reliable and responsible partner of the oil giant. Our work was highly noted – the company again received a solid volume at KTL


The project manager, technical director of the company Leonid MilovichGrinberg spoke in detail about the upcoming overhaul and the process of preparing for it.

L. Grinberg: – These days we are completing the stage of the so-called pre-overhaul. We have four work packages that need to be completed before the main work begins. We made about fifty pipe joints in advance, adjusted them to size, prepared supports. The stage is already close to completion. Before that, we were busy with prefabrication, this stage was completed, but as is often the case, there were some changes: the customer added another 128 joints to our volume, which we must weld by July 14th. And by July 20, it is necessary to complete hydrotests and painting of products. Finish.

Corr.: – Does this mean that at the end of July the preparation for the overhaul on our part will come to an end?

LG: – More precisely, on July 20th. This is the deadline when we must complete all the preparatory work, take out all the parts, tools, finished materials and equipment to the facility, to a specially designated place for our company. There is not much time left. We must eliminate all “rough edges” and be fully prepared. On the morning of August 1, work at the plant will begin in two shifts, and the process will not stop until September. From August 8 to August 22, the main work will take place. 106-110 people will work from us per shift, this will be the moment of peak load, and then the volumes will decline. But until September, many of our people will still be involved, because, in addition to the work packages at the plant, we were entrusted with several additional works.

I would like to add that a total of 218 of our specialists will take part in the overhaul. Also this year, there are many expats in our team – attracted personnel from India. By the way, this year’s management is international – and the project managers are me and our foreign specialist Ian Young. All staff underwent additional training in their specialties and a four-hour TCO course “Overhaul-2019” in advance. Most of them participated in last year’s overhaul. Our team consists of strictly highly qualified employees, true professionals in their field, with a great sense of responsibility.

Corr.: – What is the peculiarity of the Overhaul – 2019?

LG: This year we received thirty-four work packages. The main difference from last year’s overhaul is that there are fewer packages, and there is significantly more work on them. We received a particularly large working package for the implementation of pipe connections using the “locking” method. It is very important that we already have experience in participating in major repairs. After all, there is a special “Chevron” specificity that needs to be understood. The overhaul must be seen, that is, realized and felt in order to find the right approach to work and adapt to the rules and standards set by the customer. Last year we worked on KTL-2, now work is underway on KTL-1. The work is similar, there are no fundamental differences, but this year we have more volume. At KR-2018, it was a completely new work for us in terms of specifics, we completed only five connections, and this year we were entrusted with about one hundred and fifty. In addition, last year we proved ourselves well in aluminum welding, and now we have again been entrusted with work on the sulfur granulation plant. We will be engaged in the repair of the granulator drum – and this is a complex technology and extremely responsible work. Also, for four packages, we have to install 200 units of shut-off valves – the volume, as I have already said, is considerable. Work on the packages is purely installation. We do not have earthworks, concrete, foundation works on packages.

Interviewer: – What emotions does your team experience before starting work?

L. Grinberg: – People are ready. The team doesn’t even feel excited about the upcoming overhaul. We were worried in 2018 – these were the first major works for us, and now we already know exactly what awaits us. We are ready to work and have no doubts about our abilities. For any company in Tengiz, participation in the TCO Overhaul is a kind of quality mark. It is a great honor for Ariadne to take part in a project of this magnitude, and we appreciate the trust placed in us. These are works of really high complexity and a huge level of responsibility. Hundreds of companies are eager to take part in them, but only teams that have proven themselves on the good side receive the coveted work packages. The main physical, technical and intellectual resources of our company are now set up for one goal – to repeat the success of last year’s overhaul, successfully completing the scope of work entrusted to us. And for this, “Ariadne” objectively has all the prerequisites.

Corr.: – Thank you, Leonid Mikhailovich, for a detailed interview.

The interview was recorded by Anna PECHORINA.

Relocation of the medical center

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Congratulations on the housewarming are accepted by the employees of the medical center of our company – in June, their service was the first to move to the new building of the Staff Reception Center, the implementation of the project of which in Ariadne began six months ago. Recall that the Personnel Reception Point (or, as it is also called, the shift center) was conceived as a single employee service center, combining under one roof all the control services of the company involved in the shift process. This solution will make the process of arrival and departure the most comfortable for the staff, because All signatures from the list in the bypass sheet will be available in one room. PPP will be especially convenient for newly arrived employees of the company, who will not have to wander around the town that has not yet been explored in search of the necessary offices. It is worth noting that the project organizes the process of shifting, allowing you to track the movement of people, and therefore is also important from the point of view of ensuring order and security in the town.

But, back to the new settlers. The medical center is a particularly important structure. The field of her responsibility implies a wide range of responsibilities. Medical workers of our company take care of the health of people on duty, daily monitor employees at whose workplaces the safety of other people depends on their physical condition, regularly check the sanitary condition of all residential and working premises of the company. It is hard to believe that such a volume of work is carried out by a relatively small team, which, until the appearance of the shift point, was compactly located in a three-room room of the 2nd entrance of the 8th house. Its location in a remote part of the town was inconvenient for both the staff of the medical center and its visitors. Early morning examinations had to be carried out at the checkpoint, drivers had to go through the whole town to the first-aid post before leaving for the flight, and on the days of shift shifting, an impassable crowd constantly arose near the “entrance of doctors”. Obviously, the medical center needed a spacious separate room and was the first in the list of units that had to move to the shift center.

The redeployment took several days. It took 15 flights to transport small equipment, folders with documentation and medicines to the new premises. 15 times the car was loaded and unloaded, it is important to take into account that you cannot drive up to the entrance of the old medical center by car – it is located at the height of the second floor and you can only climb the stairs to it. The process was chaotic and difficult, but our doctors steadfastly endured the move and are now settling in a new room, which, compared to the old apartment, looks really impressive. At the disposal of honey. employees now have a spacious work area with tables, computers and filing cabinets, a huge treatment room, a room for storing drugs, a separate medical waste warehouse, a doctor’s office, an isolation ward with a shower and a separate bathroom for people whose condition may require constant monitoring. In the corridor, which unites all the listed rooms, there are sofas and flowers, wall antiseptics are installed – everything surprises with the scale and seriousness of the idea. The new medical center may well pass for part of the building of a private clinic. But this is an impression from the outside. I wonder what emotions his employees feel in connection with moving to a new medical center? Does it meet their needs from a professional point of view?

The doctor of the medical center, Gulbayder Khamzievna Mubarakova, is no less demanding of her workplace than of the workplaces of the services she inspects. Her comments are not emotional – she characterizes the new premises of her unit purely from the point of view of meeting medical standards, focusing on the remaining work:

– Now it is very important to establish ventilation in a short time, install bars on the windows, and hang blinds so as not to embarrass our visitors during receptions. In addition, it is necessary to increase the lighting in the treatment room. This is the biggest requirement, because here people are provided with first aid. Only after this work, our service will be able to obtain the conclusion of the sanitary station, which will confirm the compliance of sound insulation, lighting, temperature and other indicators of the new first-aid post with all standards. There are still improvements, but in general the building is very good. It allows you to freely evacuate, is equipped with new equipment and accommodates everything we need. We will work!, – said Gulbayder Khamzievna.

The relocation of the medical center is technically completed, but it will take a lot of time for its team to furnish the office for themselves and get used to the new place. A warm and hostilely cozy mood now reigns in their unit. Between their daily duties, they steal minutes to ennoble the new office. Here, under the strict control of Gulbayder Khamzievna, paramedic Gennady Mashtakov lays out medical records in the cells of the file cabinet, and nurse Zhuldyz Alpamysova puts things in order in the storage of drugs. The shift point begins to come to life. Soon, after honey. Other control structures will take their places in the new building, which will optimize and simplify many processes in the company. In the meantime, our medical workers are getting used to the new working conditions, I would like to wish enthusiasm and good mood to the units that are about to move. The first weeks of operation of the first-aid post in the new location showed the advantages of the Reception Point project, and therefore the relocation of the structures to the new building will now follow one after another. To date, one thing can be said with confidence – the shift center has begun its functioning successfully.


Much better: the reconstruction of the second hall of the dining room “Caspian” is being completed

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In March 2018, one of the joyful events in the life of our company took place. Let’s remember which one? On the day of Nauryz, a new, snow-white-marble, spacious and bright dining room “Caspian” opened its doors to the team of “Ariadne”! It took a very long time to prepare for the opening: it all started with a complete reconstruction of the old room, in which there were only broken blocks of concrete floors and a bare frame of columns with protruding spikes of reinforcement. The halls were restored, the ventilation system was adjusted, a full-fledged kitchen complex with modern equipment was installed, and the dining room was put into operation, accompanying the opening with a holiday, the joyful memories of which are still alive. But even then, the company’s executives said: “This is just the beginning, there is a lot of work to be done!”. After all, we were perplexed then: why flirt, much better? But, indeed, after a while in the dining room there was video surveillance, entrance turnstiles and electronic terminals for accounting for meals and portions. The menu of the dining room has been modified.

But, as it turned out, the leadership did not hint at these changes.

Behind the wall of the new dining room, almost immediately after its opening, construction work began. There is another spacious room, and the employees of the SU-3 began to reconstruct it from scratch. Ceilings and columns were leveled, concrete slabs were re-laid, window and door openings were mounted, and electricity was conducted. For what purpose, I wonder what will happen there? Very soon it became clear that the room was being restored as another hall of the dining room “Caspian”. A year has passed since the start of work, at what stage is the second stage of the canteen today?

The answer to this question can be obtained simply by looking into the new premises. The work there has already ended. Only a few workers put the finishing touches on the appearance: they remove the remnants of construction debris, here and there correct the plaster, fix the carved patterned frames that adorn the columns. Brown lacquered wood is mysteriously reflected in the glass of panoramic windows. The new tables, which are already installed in close rows and are waiting for their first visitors, are also shining. New distribution points sparkle with chrome … The new dining room is made in a special style. It is especially vividly reflected by a huge stucco panel – the fresh work of our sculptor Sergei Ushakov. The panel is made in a nautical theme and impresses with its size: it is from floor to ceiling. The wall opposite is also decorated with stucco – a romantic medieval castle, another work of Sergei Alekseevich. The arch from the entrance section to the dining room is lined with bricks and is in great harmony with the architecture of the castle… Work on decorating the walls, which is amazing, took the master only two weeks. Concrete was chosen as the material – the works in the dining room are now “for centuries”. In the new hall, it seems that everyone who was involved in its reconstruction left a piece of his soul. Everything is done exceptionally professionally, it is impossible to take your eyes off the hall, and from many who have already managed to appreciate its beauty, you can hear: “Well, ours! They know how to work! Beautiful, elegant and high quality!





















The opening of the second hall of the dining room “Caspian” does not yet have an exact date. Yes, the dining room is almost ready. But she has yet to pass the inspection of the sanitary and epidemiological station for compliance of the premises with all norms and standards of public catering.

– The total number of seats with the commissioning of the new hall will reach 628: the existing 248 will add 380 new ones, – the head of the service service Olga Anatolyevna Borodaenko gives accurate statistics on the updated dining room.

– There will be four distribution lines. All of them will be provided from one hot shop – he is able to master such volumes of work. Of course, we will expand the staff of kitchen workers. There will be no rules and distinctions when visiting the dining room – visitors will be able to choose any hall and approach any of the distributions. The expansion of the canteen will increase the capacity of the distribution lines at times. It is expected that now, even if there are tenants in the town, the queues in the dining room, if they are, are minimal. Access turnstiles will definitely be installed in the new hall, the working hours of the dining room with time restrictions will not change. Also, food ordering terminals will be installed at each distribution.

The canteen “Caspian” has proven its effectiveness since its opening. The appearance of the second hall is not so much qualitative as quantitative changes. The expansion of the canteen is definitely an additional burden for the catering staff, so the changes will affect the organization of this service to a greater extent. But these are important changes, because now the dining room will be able to accommodate more people without compromising their comfort.

And we, the employees of Ariadne, for whom all this is done, will be able to be content with the breadth of comfort and receive aesthetic pleasure. After all, if we do something, they do it with a soul, conscientiously and, most importantly, with care for people.



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For employees of the company “Ariadna” – participants in the overhaul at the KTL TCO plant, an electronic presence control system is being introduced at the workplace. For this purpose, a special container equipped with computer equipment and readers will be installed near the repair area. Each employee arriving at the site or leaving it is obliged to register the arrival / departure using an individual electronic pass (chip).

Electronic control is introduced to record the actual working hours of the employee. On the local computer network, information about the arrival and actual stay at the place of work of each person enters the database, and it is on the basis of these data that working hours will be calculated and the wages of each individual person will be calculated.

We ask you to take the innovation extremely seriously. This is the imperative of the times, modern business processes are based on electronic digital programs, and this process is irreversible. In order to avoid misunderstandings and incorrect formation of the level of remuneration for your labor, BE CAREFUL, DO NOT FORGET TO RECORD YOUR STAY AT THE WORKPLACE! We urge you not to ignore the system of electronic access to overhaul facilities in any case.

Assel KAZYBEKOVA, Head of the Department of Labor and Wage Rationing.



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For the first time, a broad discussion event on food safety of personnel was held in Tengiz.


On June 7, on the basis of the Shanyrak shift camp, an event was held that stands out from a series of representative forums, conferences and seminars that Tengizchevroil annually organizes on a variety of issues. For the first time, the “Food Security Summit”, as the organizers called it, was held.

“TCO’s TB Department, the initiator of the event, invited all companies that are Tengizchevroil’s leading business partners to discuss urgent issues in one of the most important segments of the rotational service organization – the nutrition of personnel working at the field,” explained Akerke Togizova, a food safety specialist of the TCO TB department.

– We want to analyze the state of the issue in a joint large and business conversation, share experience and focus on security as much as possible. We all live and work in Tengiz in the same conditions, large human contingents are concentrated here – tens of thousands of people. The requirements for catering should be unified: extremely strict and the same for everyone, and their observance should be rigorous. Inspections and control, of course, are organized, they are very strict. But the value of joint discussion of urgent issues is very high, the benefits of them are undeniable.











The summit was held according to a proven scheme – at a general meeting in the cinema building, the most relevant aspects of ensuring healthy, diverse and, most importantly, safe food for people were identified, changes in the norms and standards of cooking and sanitary requirements and the innovations and improvements in technologies and approaches that arose in connection with this were specified.

The participants were shown a video that combined visual reports of business partners on the organization of meals for employees. Each company represented a separate stage of the process – from the purchase and delivery, storage of products to their processing and preparation of dishes. Ariadna LLP was instructed to display the most time-consuming and responsible process – the work of the hot shop. Our company solved this problem by shooting a video showing the process of cooking hot dishes from beginning to end.

“There are many nuances in this process, although it probably seems to everyone that everything is very simple,” says Lyudmila Shimanskaya, a technologist in the nutrition department, about the filming of the plot. – Cooking is a routine, daily activity. But even at home, every housewife has her own borscht! And we cook for a thousand people. And we must do it in such a way that it is not only tasty, but also absolutely safe. I’ll put it simply: so that no one gets poisoned.

This is the meaning and task of the summit: cases of food poisoning of people should be excluded at the Tengiz oil and gas complex. And last year, on the hottest days of summer, when the air temperature reached +56 degrees, such cases were recorded in two companies stationed here. Moreover, the poisonings were not isolated, dozens of people fell ill.

In other words, the relevance of the summit is indisputable.

But back to the video about the hot shop. This segment of the food block in Ariadna LLP is undoubtedly one of the best among Tengiz companies. The new canteen “Caspian” in the eponymous microdistrict of the Tengiz shift camp was put into operation in March 2018 – it is well equipped and has everything so that the meals of the company’s employees are organized at the highest level. But excellent conditions are not a guarantee of the quality of food.

“In our business, everything depends on the staff,” continues L. Shimanskaya, “how prepared people are professionally and how they relate to their work. And our love and respect for our profession is expressed not only in the ability to cook well and knowledge of recipes, but also in strict adherence to cooking technology and sanitary requirements. These requirements are very strict! When making a film for the summit, we tried to focus on this. How food ingredients are checked, how they are processed before cooking, what should be the temperature regime of cooking, etc., how sterility is ensured, what control of the cooking process exists. And how the safety of the cook brigade is ensured – after all, our people work all day in conditions of high temperature, hot steam, work standing for many hours …

After the plenary meeting, the food safety summit moved to the spacious lobby of one of the residential blocks of Shanyrak, where the participating companies organized a kind of exhibition of the achievements of their service departments.

“Ariadne” has prepared a bright and diverse exposition. It included a specially made detailed model of the hot shop of our new canteen “Caspian”, a thematic stand with a variety of visual products, including technological tables of the cooking process, a demonstration of video materials, as well as game components on the topic of the summit. How much did it attract the attention of visitors?

“The Ariadne sector has become, I think, the most visited,” Lyazzat Bukharbayeva, head of production at the Caspian canteen, shares her impressions.

– This is not self-esteem – this is a fact. There was no end to visitors for an hour and a half, while this part of the summit lasted. I think this is very important, because it was not idle spectators who came to us with questions and advice, but our colleagues, food organizers, technologists and chefs from neighboring companies. So, they were interested in our production. And we, in turn, got acquainted with their experience. This is my first time at such an event and I think it is very successful.

Indeed, our company’s booth was very popular. So much so that the set of souvenirs prepared “with a margin” and a selection of issues of the corporate newspaper dried up in just half an hour. But the point, of course, is not in souvenirs – people did not follow them, but for our experience in catering, which has long been known throughout Tengiz. “Ariadne” has something to show and tell – and this received a lively response at the exhibition.

And what about the seminar as a whole – did it meet the expectations of the organizers?

“The summit organized today, in my opinion, is very useful and will yield results,” said Aliya Bekeshova, sanitary epidemiologist of the regional department for public health protection. – Tengiz is a large production structure, and no matter what public service conducts inspections here, no matter how often, it still does not replace such a large meeting of professionals. I went through the entire chain of the technological line – starting with the incoming control of products, storage, washing, etc., now I have already reached the final stages of cooking and distribution. Very well prepared companies – “Sayan”, “Ariadna”, “Karat” and others, including TCO. Today they are unrecognizable. We are used to seeing them during inspections strained, afraid of criticism and remarks. And today they show how they work, they are sure that they can and know. And in fact: they know a lot and are good at it. Of course, in this work, as in any other, there is a human factor. Much depends on the position of the management or the manager personally – what approaches they adhere to. But there are also general strict requirements. It is imperative to increase the hygienic literacy of people, knowledge of the basic requirements of sanitary hygiene, the need for medical examinations, and cooking technology. Know the risks – where do microbes come from, what is a favorable environment for them, how to protect themselves from infection, etc. Here, with the help of such summits, people will learn more, this is the value of the event

Summing up, the organizers of the First Food Safety Summit noted the relevance of the event. The results of the summit will be analyzed and summarized, however, in hot pursuit, the usefulness of the meeting is obvious. It is also obvious that all business partners have something to share in order to develop uniform strict approaches to the organization of the most important service process, to do everything to ensure high-calorie, tasty and absolutely safe nutrition for staff. In this case, we are talking about people’s health, and there is nothing more expensive than this.


We work – safely!

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Occupational safety and health in Tengiz is perhaps an integral part of the atmosphere. In any case, they permeate all the activities of Tengizchevroil and business partners, and absolutely in all aspects. Strict safety requirements are natural: one of the world’s largest oil fields has a whole set of unique geological conditions and risk factors, the main of which, everyone here knows this, is the extremely aggressive and toxic hydrogen sulfide gas. What do Tengiz oil companies oppose to these dangerous factors? If we talk about production as such – the most advanced technologies, the protection of the processes of purification and separation of oil and gas through the use of unique metal alloys, the latest control systems and devices. And a person, or, more generally, a staff – how is he protected? Overalls, personal protective equipment, analyzers. A number of special and effective programs that saturate production discipline with a special specificity of self-preservation. But there is one indispensable condition, without which no perfect security programs will lead to success. This is an inner commitment, that is, a conscious and accepted understanding that OHS is a factor of health and life!






As a matter of fact, the work of all security services is devoted to the education and consolidation of such an understanding.

This idea was also the main one at the June TCO Monthly Safety Forum, to which all business partners are invited. On June 6, it was held on the basis of the OHS department of Ariadna LLP: TCO began to practice field meetings, which allows you to get acquainted with the state of work on the ground simultaneously with the discussion of topical issues.

The forum was interesting and active. Its very beginning turned out to be original. The director of ATKS, Laszlo Nagy, spent a “safety minute”, laying out the background of one of the road accidents. What flaws contributed to the accident, what was overlooked and missed in the fleet – the main thing is why minor violations became possible, which, connected like a snowball, led to an undesirable outcome. As a result, it turned out that the reason is the human factor. In other words, a lack of awareness – commitment.

The topic was continued with presentations by the author of these lines, Ainara Kayyrgali, Deputy Head of the Health and Safety Department of Ariadna LLP, Sergey Bystritsky, representative of the BUATS group, Kanat Umarov, head of the occupational safety and health support group of the TCO Small Capital Projects Department, and Maral Akimbergenova, specialist of the CHESM group. The active tone of the discussion, set by the presenters, continued with a specific, business-like conversation at the end of the meeting, which enriched the discussion.

TCO MCP Plant Group Construction Supervisor Ted Pavlik, summing up the Forum, called it meaningful and productive. “We are here not only to develop production at Tengiz,” he said. – We are not faced with the task of developing this production at any cost. We have a more important task – to work safely!”

This is what all of us, specialists of services and departments of occupational safety and health, direct our daily efforts towards.


Medal “For Services to the Company “Ariadna”

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In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Ariadna LLP, an official corporate award was established – the medal “For Merit to the Ariadna Company”.

The medal will be awarded to the company’s employees for long-term, conscientious work, personal contribution to production success, development of intellectual and technical potential, team building based on fundamental social and human values.

The medal can also be awarded to other persons – for strengthening cooperation with Ariadna LLP, personal assistance in economic development and growth in the scale of production.

The medal “For Merit to the Ariadna Company” was made by the RSE “Kazakhstan Mint”. It is a disc made of golden-colored metal alloy, on which a relief company logo is placed, painted by hot enamel. The five-sided block of the established sample is covered with a light gray moiré ribbon, framed at the edges with red and blue stripes – according to the colors of the company logo.

The order on the establishment of the medal was signed by the General Director of Ariadna LLP A. A. Kaytukov.

The first awarding of the corporate award will take place during the celebration of the company’s anniversary.



The road to Masabai

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Forty-five kilometers northeast of the city of Kulsary, deep in the steppe wilderness, is the Masabay oil field. It was discovered in 1977, and in 1980 exploratory drilling was completed, which showed that the field stores oil deposits with high quality indicators. Masabai was classified as a shallow (up to 10 million tons of recoverable oil) field. But it was of industrial importance, and therefore Masabai immediately began to prepare for further development. In the steppe, silhouettes of pumping machines and oil tanks grew, and the roar of drilling rigs filled the surroundings.
On May 22, our film crew went to Masabay, because on the arrangement of this particular field, back in 1996, the company “Ariadne” began its construction activities.

We knew that Masabay is located 15-20 km from the village of Koschagyl, but it was not possible to find more accurate coordinates, because the point with this name is not indicated on modern interactive maps. In Koschagyl, they decided to find out the way from local residents, but received contradictory answers. There was an impression that the name of the field was well known to people, but no one knew its exact location. What’s the matter, we’re in the land of oil workers?
We still went in a southerly direction – many pointed in this direction. After a while, the road was completely empty: there was not a single oncoming car, not to mention passers-by. Finally, I met a truck. We checked with the driver – it turned out that we were moving in the wrong direction, and we had to return. But we didn’t manage to leave right away. The treacherous road pierced the rear wheel with a sharp stone, as if deciding to detain at least for a short time the rare travelers in these parts. The spare tire came to the rescue.

And yet, our expedition, apparently, was destined to take place – we, although we had already traveled along the intricate steppe roads, still found Masabay.
Now the field is mothballed, oil production is not carried out here. In an old shabby trailer, only the watchman Amanbay, the former head of the site. He lives here in shifts, guards the “base”. And the base is a pile of fishing equipment concentrated in several places – a rickety drilling rig, a pair of rusted rocking machines, a car from which only the cab and frame remained … True, the cylinders of oil tanks, grayish from faded “silver” paint, and locked production facilities are in good condition. But the valves of the pipes through which oil once flowed are welded. A sad sight, to be honest.

“We built these houses,” Vasily Ivanovich Romanchuk, a veteran of Ariadne, who took part in the arrangement of Masabay, looks around the site with undisguised disappointment.

“But then people wanted so much to launch the field, to get oil …
In the mid-nineties, the assessment of the reserves of this oil structure explored by geologists made it possible to begin its industrial development. It was a difficult time – a crisis. The newly organized company “Ariadne” and the oil workers found each other. “Ariadne” had experienced builders, Masabay had some means. Vasily Ivanovich told with what hopes and enthusiasm the field was prepared for development.

After all, we received our first major amount of work in Masabay, before that we worked, one might say, in the wings, – recalls V. Romanchuk. – And this is the former SU-4, a powerful construction department! And then there was hope. There was little equipment, so the small construction team of our young company had to work almost manually.

At that time, Ariadne was faced with the task of arranging wells. It was necessary to dig a pit, stretch an oil pipeline and auxiliary pipe lines. At the same time, power lines were pulled.

“We had only a few bulldozers, excavators and pipelayers, the team of our workers worked hard, not sparing themselves,” Vasily Ivanovich continues the story. – Work at the field was dirty, besides, there were no amenities for workers at all. The object was located at an impressive distance from the nearest settlement. Both materials and food were brought to us off-road, with great difficulty. But, despite any difficulties, our young company then successfully coped with the amount of work. And what about today?..























Today, standing in the middle of the steppe is a dull, sad, rusted and actually abandoned to the mercy of fate. With the advent of a nearby oil giant that produces more oil per day than all the small fields combined, structures like Masabai have lost industrial importance. And the oil industry of Kazakhstan itself quickly reoriented itself to a large scale. Some deposits were simply abandoned, others were given into private hands, privatized. Only a few survived, those where there was more oil. Masabai, on the other hand, has been in sleep mode for many years, as they say now. Maybe it’s time for him to wake up?..
When we left, we had mixed feelings. How sad it is to see the collapse of some undertakings and, possibly, irreversible consequences. They say that Masabai could be exploited with a small profit, there is oil on this structure. But now Kazakhstan has more stringent standards, especially in the environment. To meet them, Masabay needs substantial modernization. And it costs a lot of money, which is not there. It’s a shame for this field.
But I am happy for “Ariadne”, who equipped Masabai, in fact, starting her production activities with him. This year we are celebrating our twenty-fifth anniversary as a successful, stable and reputable construction company, with a strong position in the Tengiz field and great prospects for the future.