Overhaul at Tengiz


On August 1, the Overhaul-2019 will begin at the Tengiz oil and gas complex. This is an annual, very responsible program for the prevention of the technical condition and modernization of technological lines and support systems. TCO carries out overhauls without stopping the main production, cutting off only the segments planned for repairs from the continuous operating cycle – this is a distinctive feature, but this is also a special exactingness and scrupulousness to the planning and preparation processes. The work this year will last almost a month and a half and will end on September 10. A year ago, Ariadne gained serious experience in participating in scheduled repairs at the TCO plant. We carried out the most complex volume at six technological installations, received certification in argon arc welding and for the first time carried out a number of new works for our company. Ariadna has successfully coped with its tasks, having established itself and confirmed its reputation as a reliable and responsible partner of the oil giant. Our work was highly noted – the company again received a solid volume at KTL


The project manager, technical director of the company Leonid MilovichGrinberg spoke in detail about the upcoming overhaul and the process of preparing for it.

L. Grinberg: – These days we are completing the stage of the so-called pre-overhaul. We have four work packages that need to be completed before the main work begins. We made about fifty pipe joints in advance, adjusted them to size, prepared supports. The stage is already close to completion. Before that, we were busy with prefabrication, this stage was completed, but as is often the case, there were some changes: the customer added another 128 joints to our volume, which we must weld by July 14th. And by July 20, it is necessary to complete hydrotests and painting of products. Finish.

Corr.: – Does this mean that at the end of July the preparation for the overhaul on our part will come to an end?

LG: – More precisely, on July 20th. This is the deadline when we must complete all the preparatory work, take out all the parts, tools, finished materials and equipment to the facility, to a specially designated place for our company. There is not much time left. We must eliminate all “rough edges” and be fully prepared. On the morning of August 1, work at the plant will begin in two shifts, and the process will not stop until September. From August 8 to August 22, the main work will take place. 106-110 people will work from us per shift, this will be the moment of peak load, and then the volumes will decline. But until September, many of our people will still be involved, because, in addition to the work packages at the plant, we were entrusted with several additional works.

I would like to add that a total of 218 of our specialists will take part in the overhaul. Also this year, there are many expats in our team – attracted personnel from India. By the way, this year’s management is international – and the project managers are me and our foreign specialist Ian Young. All staff underwent additional training in their specialties and a four-hour TCO course “Overhaul-2019” in advance. Most of them participated in last year’s overhaul. Our team consists of strictly highly qualified employees, true professionals in their field, with a great sense of responsibility.

Corr.: – What is the peculiarity of the Overhaul – 2019?

LG: This year we received thirty-four work packages. The main difference from last year’s overhaul is that there are fewer packages, and there is significantly more work on them. We received a particularly large working package for the implementation of pipe connections using the “locking” method. It is very important that we already have experience in participating in major repairs. After all, there is a special “Chevron” specificity that needs to be understood. The overhaul must be seen, that is, realized and felt in order to find the right approach to work and adapt to the rules and standards set by the customer. Last year we worked on KTL-2, now work is underway on KTL-1. The work is similar, there are no fundamental differences, but this year we have more volume. At KR-2018, it was a completely new work for us in terms of specifics, we completed only five connections, and this year we were entrusted with about one hundred and fifty. In addition, last year we proved ourselves well in aluminum welding, and now we have again been entrusted with work on the sulfur granulation plant. We will be engaged in the repair of the granulator drum – and this is a complex technology and extremely responsible work. Also, for four packages, we have to install 200 units of shut-off valves – the volume, as I have already said, is considerable. Work on the packages is purely installation. We do not have earthworks, concrete, foundation works on packages.

Interviewer: – What emotions does your team experience before starting work?

L. Grinberg: – People are ready. The team doesn’t even feel excited about the upcoming overhaul. We were worried in 2018 – these were the first major works for us, and now we already know exactly what awaits us. We are ready to work and have no doubts about our abilities. For any company in Tengiz, participation in the TCO Overhaul is a kind of quality mark. It is a great honor for Ariadne to take part in a project of this magnitude, and we appreciate the trust placed in us. These are works of really high complexity and a huge level of responsibility. Hundreds of companies are eager to take part in them, but only teams that have proven themselves on the good side receive the coveted work packages. The main physical, technical and intellectual resources of our company are now set up for one goal – to repeat the success of last year’s overhaul, successfully completing the scope of work entrusted to us. And for this, “Ariadne” objectively has all the prerequisites.

Corr.: – Thank you, Leonid Mikhailovich, for a detailed interview.

The interview was recorded by Anna PECHORINA.