For employees of the company “Ariadna” – participants in the overhaul at the KTL TCO plant, an electronic presence control system is being introduced at the workplace. For this purpose, a special container equipped with computer equipment and readers will be installed near the repair area. Each employee arriving at the site or leaving it is obliged to register the arrival / departure using an individual electronic pass (chip).

Electronic control is introduced to record the actual working hours of the employee. On the local computer network, information about the arrival and actual stay at the place of work of each person enters the database, and it is on the basis of these data that working hours will be calculated and the wages of each individual person will be calculated.

We ask you to take the innovation extremely seriously. This is the imperative of the times, modern business processes are based on electronic digital programs, and this process is irreversible. In order to avoid misunderstandings and incorrect formation of the level of remuneration for your labor, BE CAREFUL, DO NOT FORGET TO RECORD YOUR STAY AT THE WORKPLACE! We urge you not to ignore the system of electronic access to overhaul facilities in any case.

Assel KAZYBEKOVA, Head of the Department of Labor and Wage Rationing.