Not many people know that at the time of the development of the Tengiz field, 25 kilometers from oil and gas complexes and field plants, it was planned to build a town for 70-80 thousand oil workers with their families. Several Kazakh construction trusts were deployed in the West Kazakhstan region, and each of them began to build a separate residential neighborhood. How did it all end? The oil complex is still developing, but the city with microdistricts has not seen the light.

In the early 90s, all trusts were disbanded, and the construction that had begun was frozen, soon completely abandoned and looted. In 1993, the joint venture “Tengizchevroil” together with the plant and the fishery received at its disposal a huge unfinished building. Since the same year, the company “Ariadne” has been stationed at Tengiz. At that time of the crisis, the actual absence of a construction base and an acute shortage of housing for shift workers, the company “Ariadna” decides to turn to the main customer with a request to rent an abandoned microdistrict of the shift camp “Tengiz”. Many years have passed since then… The company “Ariadna” is a major partner of JV “Tengizchevroil” in the implementation of solid construction projects and a reputable, multifunctional construction company. The diversified cooperation of the companies is successfully developing and one of the brightest examples of fruitful cooperation and the activities of the company “Ariadna” as a whole is the transformation of the Microdistrict No. 2, leased almost a quarter of a century ago. Work on the arrangement of the town continues now – the company is constantly improving the living conditions in the town of “Ariadne”. Do we succeed? We will probably provide you with the answer to this question.