Election of the President of the country

On June 9, early elections of the President of the country were held in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The election of the Head of State is the most important political event. On March 19, Nursultan Nazarbayev resigned as President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. By the decision of the Parliament, the powers of the President were vested in K-J. Tokayev. Early presidential elections were scheduled for June 9, the people of Kazakhstan were invited to express their attitude to the course of political and economic development of the country, which Nursultan Nazarbayev led the state for almost thirty years.

Many citizens of Kazakhstan work in “Ariadne” on a rotational basis. There is no polling station on the territory of the field, but, according to the established practice, a trip of voters to the city of Kulsary was organized to ensure the right to express their will. Employees of the company voted at polling station No. 11 in the secondary school building.

“It is our legal right to take part in the election of the Head of State,” commented installer Kairat Baigubenov, who came to the polls with a large group of employees.

– The people must make a choice of the course of our country. I voted for our future as a democratic state with a strong social policy. Kazakhstan is a large and resource-rich country. We operate on one of the world’s largest oil fields. These riches should serve the people. We, in “Ariadne” employ people from different regions, different nationalities. But we live very amicably, like one big family. Excellent conditions, stable work, decent earnings. We feel and appreciate the support from the management. This should be the case everywhere in Kazakhstan! That’s what I voted for.


Staff member of the Human Resources and Labour Relations Division.